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Why Are People Like This? – Nigerians React As Liberian Chef, Gaye Eyes Hilda Baci’s Record
Posted by  badge Boss on May 19, 2023 - 12:12PM

Why Are People Like This? – Nigerians React As Liberian Chef, Gaye Eyes Hilda Baci’s Record

Wonyean Aloycious Gaye, the Liberian chef, has apparently gotten some Nigerians enraged.

The chef seems to have pulled on the wrong side of Nigerians after announcing a plan to embark on a cooking marathon to break Hilda Baci’s cooking record.

This comes shortly after Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci held the world spellbound cooking for over 100 hours as she awaits confirmation from Guinness World Records for ‘longest cooking time’.

In a recent post, shared by Liberian Music Industry on Facebook, the renowned chef in Liberia, Aloycious promised to break the record.

The post also revealed that the chef had gone seven hours.

Meanwhile, in a post from the chef on Facebook on Thursday, he revealed that he is ready to embark on the mission but waiting on GWR to confirm.

He wrote, “Records are meant to be broken. So if my team want me to take up the challenge, with everyone’s support. I may go for it without fear at the nearest possible time

“We’re waiting for GWR to confirm the chef so we can start our journey.”

Reacting to the development, Nigerians seemed crossed with the Liberian, chiding him for not being patient enough to allow Hilda to enjoy some moment of fame.

Others expressed pessimism over his ability to equal or even surpass the record of Hilda.

@Views09: He didn’t attempt to break the record until a fellow African did it..we’re our own enemies here in Africa tueh.

@kojo_mufasah: So what exactly is wrong with Africans? … must everything be a competition amongst ourselves?

Reducing hours of resilience and hard work that need to be celebrated and cherished into a mere competition. We have a lot to learn!

@beautymorak: He thinks Hilda just woke up one day and started cooking?? I hope he registered with GWR and also has their staff present. If not he should pack and go inside.

@Aphorlerbee: It took Hilda some years to prepare for the challenge. He’s doing his own challenge as a form of clap back…. Let’s see if he can last 105hrs…. I’m happy Hilda extended hers to 100hrs.

His case goes be like a Pastor wey wan fast for 40 days/night to be like Jesus. We go see.

@FrTosin: Na wa o… record that has not been confirmed by GWR .. why the mumu no come out and break the record before Hilda attempt it. You no go reach 50 hrs o

@FunmiKolz’: Why are people like this?

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