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Tvseries: Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist

the successful doctor Yoo Sepoong becomes entangled in a conspiracy and is kicked out of the palace. He meets Jihan in Gyesu village and learns to treat those who suffer psychological illness. Finding the cause of their heartbroken feelings and writing a prescription for happiness with Eunwoo, Sepoong...

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Season 2 Episode 2 (S02E02) - the Living Ghost

the cause of the epidemic that was spread inside and outside the palace seemed impossible to be found until Se Poong and Eun Woo caught a court lady stealing the palace’s liquor. Se Poong quickly takes action and stops the spread of the disease. Meanwhile, the identity of the ghost gets revealed when...

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Season 1 Episode 11 (S01E11) - the Lost Hope

the truth is never easily revealed when people are risking their lives to hide it. the only person who knows and can prove the truth has died right in front of Se Poong’s eyes, and it puts him in despair. However, nothing will make him back down unless he fulfills the duty given to him by His Majesty....

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Season 1 Episode 5 (S01E05) - Saving Man Bok

Time is ticking for Se Poong and Eun Woo to save Man Bok, and they struggle to reveal the truth behind Gae Ban’s death. Meanwhile, a rumor starts to spread on the streets that the King’s death was caused by a mysterious poisoning, and those who are behind the King’s death begin to take measures to cover...

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