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Halo Season 2 Episode 4 (S02E04) - Reach

A Covenant assault threatens humanity’s most important stronghold. John, Perez and Silver Team fight an overwhelming enemy. Adm. Keyes rallies the UNSC forces to make a Final stand. Halsey and Soren forge an unlikely connection as they attempt to escape captivity.HaloSeason Number: 2Episode Number: 4Episode...

La Brea Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - The Road Home (2)

Gavin leads the survivors in trying to find Eve, Josh and Riley in a Final attempt to reunite his family and find a way back to the lives they once knew.La BreaSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 6Episode Title: The Road Home (2)Air Date: 2024-02-13

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 3 Episode 1 (S03E01) - Run and Gun

After Tennant passes her medical and psych evaluations, she’s surprised to see Sam’s conducting her Final interview to clear her return to work. Also, when the team discovers a breach in the U.S. Marshal’s database, Sam joins Tennant in Las Vegas to locate the hacker.NCIS: Hawai’iSeason Number: 3Episode...

Movie: American Star (2024)

An assassin on a Final assignment in Fuerteventura, to kill a man he has never met. When his target is delayed, he finds himself drawn to the island, people and a ghostly shipwreck. Instead of following protocol he stays. But when the target returns, the world has shifted. Before everything was simple,...

Tvseries: Welcome to Samdalri [korean]

After losing his mother—who worked as a haenyeo (female diver who harvests sea life)—at a young age due to a mistaken weather report, Jo Yong Pil makes up his mind to become a weather forecaster and protect the elders of his hometown. However, his passion and refusal to let misinformation slide earns...

Reacher Season 2 Episode 8 (S02E08) - Fly Boy

Reacher and Neagley make a Final desperate attempt to save O’Donnell and Dixon, stop A.M. and avenge their friends’ murder.ReacherSeason Number: 2Episode Number: 8Episode Title: Fly BoyAir Date: 2024-01-18

My Man Is Cupid [Korean] Season 1 Episode 14 (S01E14) - Jealousy

Just before his Final “metamorphosis”, Sang-hyuk finds out who Baek-ryeon is and feels very confused. After hearing that once he enters the transformation phase, nobody can tell when he will come out, Baek-ryeon fears that Sang-hyuk will disappear forever. Jae-hee happens to see a portrait of Sang-hyuk...

My Man Is Cupid [Korean] Season 1 Episode 13 (S01E13) - Cause And Effect

The police arrest Kim Myeong-sik as the prime suspect who Finally confesses that he killed Go Eun-seo. He claims that there will be no more victims since he will be locked up. Meanwhile, Jeong-ah’s parents come to Baekryeon’s animal hospital, and Baekryun suddenly sheds tears as she hears the story of...

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - INTO THE DARKNESS

Dangerous secrets are revealed as Famous unburdens himself to Kanan, and Raq Finally tries to make amends with Lou. Marvin struggles with his role as stage dad, and Howard attempts to get closer to the Task Force.Power Book III: Raising KananSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 6Episode Title: INTO THE DARKNESSAir...

Single's Inferno Season 3 Episode 11 (S03E11) - Episode 11

As the Final days loom, contestants grapple with tangled emotions. But the ultimate question remains: Who will couple up and exit the island together?Single’s InfernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 11Episode Title: Episode 11Air Date: 2024-01-09

A Good Day to Be a Dog (Korean) Season 1 Episode 13 (S01E13) - Episode 13

Hae Na keeps getting reminded of the memories she had with Seo Won. After Seo Won kisses her, Hae Na becomes sure that she and Seo Won shared certain memories. The mountain spirit Finally realizes what happened to Cho Young and that he was mistaken all this time. He decides to return the memories to...

The Tourist Season 2 Episode 4 (S02E04) - Episode 4

Finally, with all the pieces on the table, Elliot and Helen decide to go and meet his family to flush out the truth. However, the McDonnells prove difficult to shake off.The TouristSeason Number: 2Episode Number: 4Episode Title: Episode 4Air Date: 2024-01-14

Movie: Sumotherhood (2023)

Riko and Kane have got it all: big dreams, no respect and a fifteen grand debt. Could things get any worse? Yes! So, it’s time to man up and Finally be taken serious as “Roadmen”. Once putting their heads together on various ways to make some money, they decide to rob a megastar in...

Moon In The Day (Korean) Season 1 Episode 14 (S01E14) - Just Live Your Life

Chul Hwan finds Young Hwa and Jun O who have been hiding in a secret cabin with their friends. Min O appears just in time with the amulet, but Chul Hwan defeats him and Finally gets a chance to kill Young Hwa. However, Jun O stops him, and Chul Hwan disappears. And since Jun O has completed his mission,...

Such Brave Girls Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02) - Such Unavailable Girls

Deb’s determined to bond with Dev by any means necessary and Finally gets to see his massive house. Billie plays hard to get with Nicky, and Josie remembers she has a boyfriend.Such Brave GirlsSeason Number: 1Episode Number: 2Episode Title: Such Unavailable GirlsAir Date: 2023-11-22

Bnxn – Final Answer ft Popcaan

Nigerian Artist heavy buzzing artist BNXN comes thorugh the music scene again as this serves as an astonishing hit track titled “Final Answer The new song, “Final Answer is a part of from BNXN’s catelog as fans as been anticipating on this new tune.BNXN, on the other hand, has featured Bnxn Popcaan...

Tvseries: Frasier

Frasier heads off to a different city with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge, and an old dream or two to Finally fulfill. Frasier re-enters the building in hopes of redefining himself.

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