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Blood & Water Season 4 Episode 3 (S04E03) - Bad Decisions

Puleng takes matters into her own hands, driving a wedge between her and Fiks. Meanwhile, the annual summer gala provides cover for a daring heist.Blood & WaterSeason Number: 4Episode Number: 3Episode Title: Bad DecisionsAir Date: 2024-03-01

Movie: Lift (2024)

An international heist crew, led by Cyrus Whitaker, race to lift $500 million in gold from a passenger plane at 40,000 feet. Genre : Action, Comedy, CrimeDirector : F. Gary GrayStars : Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D'Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy MagnussenSource: Lift.2024.720p.NF.WEBRipIMDB...

Berlin Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03) - Full House of Embryos

Everything seems to be rolling along — for a short while. While Berlin schemes to get his way with both the heist and Camille, Damián gets some bad news.BerlinSeason Number: 1Episode Number: 3Episode Title: Full House of EmbryosAir Date: 2023-12-29

Berlin Season 1 Episode 1 (S01E01) - The Energy of Love

During his glory days, Berlin assembles a gang in Paris for an almost impossible heist for 44 million euros’ worth of jewels from 34 cities in one night.BerlinSeason Number: 1Episode Number: 1Episode Title: The Energy of LoveAir Date: 2023-12-29

Movie: A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Yippee Ki-Yay Mother RussiaIconoclastic, take-no-prisoners cop John McClane, finds himself for the first time on foreign soil after traveling to Moscow to help his wayward son Jack - unaware that Jack is really a highly-trained CIA operative out to stop a nuclear weapons heist. With the Russian underworld...

Movie: Welcome To Redville (2023)

A young couple on the run from the law after a botched robbery takes refuge in a small desert town where strange townsfolk and the lure of one final heist threatens their relationship and their lives. Welcome To Redville (2023)Genre: DramaSource:[TGx]IMDB...

Tvseries: Culprits

After a high-stakes heist, a crew of elite criminals have gone their separate ways and have tried to leave their old lives behind, but the past and present collide when a ruthless assassin starts targeting them one by one.

Movie: heist 88. (2023)

A criminal mastermind recruits a group of young bank employees to steal 80 million dollars in one of the largest bank heist in US history. heist 88. (2023)Genre: Crime, DramaStars: Keith David, Courtney B. Vance, Keesha SharpLanguage: EnglishSubtitle Language: English

Movie: Seruboja (2023)

Desperate to make ends meet, two con artist embark on risky scams to pull off the perfect heist and provide for their family. However things get complicated when old feelings and conflicting interest threatens to ruin her bond and put their lives at risk.

Movie: Billion Dollar heist (2023)

The incredible true story of the most daring cyber theft ever.Global, dynamic, and eye-opening, this is story of the most daring cyber heist of all time, the Bangladeshi Central Bank theft, tracing the origins of cyber-crime from basic credit card fraud to the wildly complex criminal organisations in...

New Bandits Season 1 Episode 5 (S01E05) - Living is Dangerous

After a successful heist, Ubaldo brings his recently recovered father Ernesto from São Paulo to Cratará. Meanwhile, Dinorah plans to take revenge on Mayor Gastão for having raped her when she was a child. Her boyfriend Lino hers helps her attack Gastão, leaving him disfigured. However, fleeing the scene...

New Bandits Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04) - The Price of Inheritance

While Ubaldo works to turn the gang into professionals, Dinorah makes an offer of 1 million reais to prevent the bank from auctioning off her properties. They won, but now they need more money and prepare for the next heist. Dilvania welcomes the families who lost their houses at auction to live on their...

New Bandits Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03) - My Name is Ubaldo Vaqueiro

The gang prepares for the next heist. Ubaldo is reunited with a childhood friend, Leinneane, whose husband is running for mayor. Tensions rise between the bandits when a robbery nearly costs them their lives. Ubaldo rebels against the gang’s incompetence and wins a fight against Ameaço. If they want...

The Afterparty Season 2 Episode 5 (S02E05) - Sebastian

When Edgar’s business partner opens up about their complicated history, it plays like a slick and suspenseful heist movie. The Afterparty Season Number: 2 Episode Number: 5 Episode Title: Sebastian Air Date: 2023-08-01

Movie: Big Nunu's Little heist (2023)

An ex-soldier turned deliveryman is dragged into a local kingpin's bumbling gang to pull off a daring heist in an infamous South African township.Big Nunu's Little heist (2023)Genre: Action, Comedy, DramaRelease Date: Jul 28, 2023 (South Africa)Stars: Jefferson Tshabalala, Tony Miyambo, Amahle...

Movie: The Channel (2023)

After their bank heist goes wrong, a desperate criminal, his out-of-control brother, and their motley crew of ex-marines must escape New Orleans and the determined FBI agent who pursues them.The Channel (2023)Genre: Action, Crime, ThrillerRelease Date: Jul 14, 2023 (United States)Stars: Clayne Crawford,...

Movie: The Jewel Thief (2023)

One man-made high crime a work of artGerald Blanchard's surprising, first-hand account as a calculating and accomplished criminal mastermind. Two unlikely detectives track him worldwide as he commits increasingly elaborate heists in a quest for fame.The Jewel Thief (2023)Genre: Crime, Documentary,...

Movie: iNumber Number: Jozi Gold (2023) [Zulu]

When an undercover cop is tasked with investigating a historic gold heist in Johannesburg, he's forced to choose between his conscience and the law.iNumber Number: Jozi Gold (2023)Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, ThrillerRelease Date: Jun 23, 2023 (South Africa)Stars: S'Dumo Mtshali, Presley...

Movie: Mojave Diamonds (2023)

Nothing comes between blood.A former MMA fighter and his brothers must rescue their kidnapped family from a dangerous crime syndicate after $50M of illegal diamonds gets stolen.Mojave Diamonds (2023) // Nevada heist // Collateral DangerGenre: Action, Crime, ThrillerRelease Date: May 29, 2023 (United...

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