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Quantum Leap Season 2 Episode 12 (S02E12) - As the World Burns

Ben leaps into the body of a Baltimore firefighter in 1974 and is unexpectedly reunited with his time-crossed love, Hannah, and her son, Jeffrey; trapped in an inferno, Ben must find a way to repair their troubled relationship and save their lives.Quantum LeapSeason Number: 2Episode Number: 12Episode...

Tvseries: Single's inferno

A romantic and exciting dating reality show that follows 10 men and women trapped on a hot deserted island.On a deserted island, flirtatious singles look for love, because only as a couple can they leave the island for a romantic date in paradise.S02: A new cast of singles comes together on a remote...

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 11 (S03E11) - Episode 11

As the final days loom, contestants grapple with tangled emotions. But the ultimate question remains: Who will couple up and exit the island together?Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 11Episode Title: Episode 11Air Date: 2024-01-09

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 10 (S03E10) - Episode 10

Gyu-ri’s attitude changes after a startling confession. On his long-awaited date, Yoon Ha-bin goes awfully silent. Gwan-hee struggles to make up his mind.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 10Episode Title: Episode 10Air Date: 2024-01-09

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 7 (S03E07) - Episode 7

Facing many confessions, Gwan-hee must contemplate his options. Choi Min-woo slowly opens up. The remaining men compete in a race for a date in Paradise.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 7Episode Title: Episode 7Air Date: 2023-12-26

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) - Episode 6

The women compete in a game for a chance at Paradise with the man of their choosing. Lee Jin-seok finds himself caught in a love triangle.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 6Episode Title: Episode 6Air Date: 2023-12-26

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 5 (S03E05) - Episode 5

A hot newcomer lands on the island, shaking up a once stoic single. Ha-jeong is riled up after Gwan-hee’s jaw-dropping confession the previous night.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 5Episode Title: Episode 5Air Date: 2023-12-19

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 4 (S03E04) - Episode 4

The two infernos merge. Will more options test seemingly-solid relationships? Tension brews after a candidly honest conversation between the singles.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 4Episode Title: Episode 4Air Date: 2023-12-19

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 3 (S03E03) - Episode 3

After a nerve-racking couple matching, a Paradise trip sparks fresh chemistry — particularly for one flirty couple who can’t get enough of each other.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 3Episode Title: Episode 3Air Date: 2023-12-12

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 2 (S03E02) - Episode 2

Fresh new singles enter the game and stir the pot. A pair escapes to Paradise, but will their bond withstand what fate has in store for them?Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 2Episode Title: Episode 2Air Date: 2023-12-12

Single's inferno Season 3 Episode 1 (S03E01) - Episode 1

Three men and three women looking for love arrive at the island — with an immediate chance to depart for Paradise. But a wild twist awaits the couples.Single’s infernoSeason Number: 3Episode Number: 1Episode Title: Episode 1Air Date: 2023-12-12

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