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Liberian Chef Speaks Hours After Nigerians Drag Him For Challenging Hilda Baci
Posted by  badge Boss on May 19, 2023 - 12:12PM

Liberian Chef Speaks Hours After Nigerians Drag Him For Challenging Hilda Baci

Wonyean Aloycious Gaye, a Liberian chef, recently took to Instagram to respond to the harsh criticism and backlash he has gotten from Nigerians since announcing his intention to challenge chef Hilda Baci.

Gaye’s emotional tweet urged Nigerians to embrace love rather than hatred.

The Liberian chef’s attempt to surpass Hilda Baci, who recently cooked for almost 100 hours at Amore Gardens in Lagos state, generated deep social media conversation.

Nigerians, who are immensely proud of their favorite cook, took to many platforms to vent their displeasure and lambasted Gaye extensively for attempting to compete with her before Baci earned Guinness World Records certification.

Refusing to engage in negativity, Wonyean Aloycious Gaye used his Instagram platform to address the trolls and preach a message of love and peace.

In his response, he urged Nigerians to refrain from hating on him, emphasizing that every action he takes is rooted in love and not driven by any form of animosity.

He wrote;

“In my country Liberia, we share no hate. It’s all love here.”

Reacting to the post;

@ canada_kemaofficial; “She put in so much hard work for it that she did not outshine the Indian Lady immediately after she won four years ago. You are just pained that she is being celebrated, and you talk about love’

@ella.ella117; “keep your love to yourself”

@ meritsjackson55; “oga rest”

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