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Eddie Howe responds to Jason Tindall always being the centre of attention
Posted by  badge Boss on May 11, 2023 - 07:33PM
The Newcastle assistant has become something of a social media sensation (Picture: Getty)

Newcastle manager has laughed off Jason Tindall’s sudden social media notoriety after the assistant became an internet sensation for his antics – and ability to steal the limelight – on the touchline.

The 45-year-old, who has been Howe’s right-hand man since they were thrust together at Bournemouth back in 2009, can regularly be seen deep in discussion with the Newcastle boss on the sidelines as well as speaking to the fourth official throughout games.

In fact, Tindall’s touchline tactics have started to wind rival supporters up, with the assistant even trying to convince the officials in one match against Fulham earlier this season that the Cottagers had fielded an extra player.

He was booked against Crystal Palace for kicking the ball onto the pitch to prevent a quick throw – something he had done before – and is viewed as the architect of a lot of Newcastle’s so-called ‘dark arts’ and .

More recently, has started to poke fun at his apparent need to be ‘the centre of attention’ by documenting a host of instances where Tindall has greeted rival managers before Howe – both before and after matches.

One particularly cringe-worthy moment saw him go to shake Bournemouth boss Gary O’Neil’s hand, but he left Tindall hanging and gestured that he wanted to shake hands with Howe first.

During a chat on CBS Sports’ Morning Footy show, Howe was finally asked about Tindall’s new-found fame and shown a series of images of his assistant shaking hands with managers after matches before the Newcastle boss himself had got the chance to.

Tindall embraces Pep Guardiola at the Etihad back in March (Picture: Getty)
Tindall shakes hands with axed Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers (Picture: Getty)

Asked if he has ever had to ‘rein in’ Tindall and remind him who is in charge, Howe replied: ‘Errr, that’s an interesting (question). That’s something that we’ve not really ever talked about really.

‘We’re both very active on the sidelines, so I’ve encouraged Jason to be that way.

‘We were very much a partnership when we first started in management and we try to do everything we can to help the players.

‘I think we’re situated together on the front there and at the end of the game he naturally makes his way over, because he’s usually to my left (closest to the opposing manager).

‘So, no, he’s a great guy and he’s been brilliant for me this year.’

After a brief spell as player-manager of Weymouth, Tindall joined Bournemouth in 2008 as assistant to Jimmy Quinn; when the latter was sacked in January 2009, Howe was made caretaker manager and kept Tindall on as his assistant before landing the job on a permanent basis.

Tindall was actually name-checked specifically by Brentford boss Thomas Frank last month over his touchline behaviour, with the Dane saying: ‘We know that Newcastle have their strategy. Jason Tindall is always speaking in the fourth official’s ear throughout the game so we just have to be aware of that.’


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